LyonCTF Practice Contest

This is the practice contest for the LyonCTF contest to familiarize competitors with CTF challenges and the site. The problems found on this contest will be simpler than most of the problems found in the LyonCTF contest.

To register, create an account on this site with your full name, student email address, school name, and a teacher contact for verification purposes. To compete with up to 4 others from your school, create or join a team. A comprehensive step-by-step tutorial is available here.

By participating in this contest, you agree to the LyonCTF rules.

For any questions, email or join our community Discord.

Rank Joined as Points
1 dropouts 501
2 anonymous 501
3 AHFC 501
4 danielisawesome 501
5 fzhshzh 501
6 Kidr0n 501
7 StrixGoldhorn 501
8 The Recyclables 501
9 empanda_l0v3r 501
10 Interstellar 501

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