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LyonCTF Conclusion & Winners!

blackbox, Bit posted 11 months, 2 weeks ago

The LyonCTF competition has ended and we now have our winners!

  • In first place we have team white_flag from Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute with 5576 points and 34 flags captured.
  • In second place we have team dropouts from William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute with 5276 points and 33 flags captured.
  • In third place we have team pringles from William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute with 3851 points and 27 flags captured.

If you are on the winning teams, you should receive an email with prizes in the next few days.

Throughout the event 71 competitors in 27 different teams from 9 different schools attempted the 39 different challenges we had created. We hope you all learned something new from these challenges and the 5 lessons we ran.

If this event has ignited your interest in cybersecurity and CTFs, we encourage you to participate in the Carnegie Mellon picoCTF 2022 happening in March!

Also we would like to thank the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario for their support and stay tuned for LyonHacks, a hackathon run by MCPT and ECOO coming soon!

LyonCTF Update

blackbox, Bit posted 11 months, 3 weeks ago

We have two updates before the LyonCTF contest starts on Friday.

The first is that all competitors must have their full name, school, and school teacher contact set on their account for verification. School and teacher contact can be set in the edit profile page if not set already. If there are any issues with the name attached to your account, email us at lyonctf@mcpt.ca using the email address attached to your account. Make sure this information is set correctly on your account by Wednesday, February 16th at 11:59PM EST to be eligible for prizes!

The second update is that the prize pool sponsored by the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario have been increased to up to $300 to be split as follows:

  • First Place Team: $25 Amazon gift card per team member
  • Second Place Team: $20 Amazon gift card per team member
  • Third Place Team: $15 Amazon gift card per team member

Lastly, this is a reminder that all teams must be comprised of competitors from the same school and all competitors must be Ontario middle or high school students to be eligible for prizes.

LyonCTF Practice Contest

skyflaren, cheollie, areuie posted 11 months, 4 weeks ago

A quick reminder to register for LyonCTF before the event on Feb 18-21!

Don’t worry if you haven't done a CTF before, as there’ll be beginner workshops during the event. LyonCTF is open to all Ontario middle and high school students (not WLMAC exclusive) who are aged 13-18, so be sure to register yourself and bring along anyone else who qualifies! ..aand if that doesn’t convince you enough, there will also be $250 in prizes. Read more and register here

To help familiarise yourself with the website and learn about the CTF categories, there will also be a practice contest on Fri, Feb 11 @ 6pm to Sun, Feb 13 @ 6pm.

lyonctf practice contest banner


blackbox, skyflaren, Bit, cheollie posted 1 year ago

Spanning from February 18th at noon to February 21st at noon, we are excited to announce the inaugural LyonCTF competition for all Ontario middle and high school students ages 13 to 18!

To register, create an account on this site with your full name, student email address, school name, and a teacher contact for verification purposes. To compete with up to 4 others from your school, create or join a team. A comprehensive step-by-step tutorial is available here.

In this capture the flag (CTF) cybersecurity contest, teams of middle and high school students across Ontario will battle it out with their skills in digital forensics, website and application exploitation, reverse engineering, and cryptography! Intended for students of all experience types, we have designed the challenges with a low barrier of entry to enable even first-time competitors to gain experience and knowledge in an enjoyable, cooperative way.

This contest is organized by the Mackenzie Computer Programming Team and $250 worth of prizes are generously sponsored by the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario. The contest organizer team can be found here.

You can read a detailed breakdown of Procedures, Rules, and Contacts here.

For any questions, email lyonctf@mcpt.ca or join our community Discord.

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blackbox posted 1 year ago

Welcome to mCTF, the open-source Capture the Flag platform developed and run by the Mackenzie Computer Programming Team. Capture the Flags are a kind of computer security competition where teams solve challenges in the areas of Cryptography, Computer Forensics, Reverse Engineering, Web Exploitation, and Binary Exploitation. On this site, you will be able to find problems of varying difficulties and subjects, as well as live contests! If you would like to learn more about CTFs or the CTF subjects, check out CTF 101.