Monthly Contest - April '22

Get ready for Cybersecurity Club's Monthly CTF Contest! Attempt to capture all our flags individually or in pairs (teams of two).

The contest will run from Tuesday, April 19th at 17:00 until Tuesday, April 26th at 17:00. It will consist of a few problems, ranging from easier to not so easy. Good luck and have fun!

To create a team, go to Fill this out before the contest so you're ready to go when it starts!

Rank Joined as Points
1 LauhsoJ 600
2 dropouts: monkey edition 200
3 MarsFlat 200
4 Maplefin 200
5 panik 100
6 KO 100
7 hiru 100
8 kmp3e 0
8 ashen 0
8 kylln 0

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