whiteflipper has an LSB challenge for you! He drew some images and wants you to find the least significant bits of the blue plane (blue is his favourite colour) of the following coordinates in this order:

  1. dot: (170, 190)
  2. kowalski: (162, 330)
  3. mumble: (176, 266)
  4. peso: (144, 100)
  5. rico: (157, 315)
  6. rookie: (296, 221)
  7. silo: (93, 176)
  8. wheezy: (280, 70)

All coordinates are (column,row) pairs. whiteflipper knows that this may be a bit tedious and encourages you to write a Python script with Pillow to help find these bits. Of course, it's not mandatory.

Once you have each of the bits, whiteflipper wants you to convert this sequence from binary to base 10. Then, find the title (in lowercase) of the nth XKCD comic, where n is the base 10 number you just found. Finally, wrap this title with flag{ and }, and submit it!

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    Psi505 commented 2 years ago
    Took me 3 hours of research and coding the python program to be able to solve it :(