WxMCTF '24 Bonus 1 - Promposal

An MCGI (not MGCI) student wants to ask out a WMLAC (not WLMAC) student for prom! However, he doesn't want to be basic like all the other guys, so he comes up with something special for her to execute his promposal. He knows she likes music and singing. However, you also like that WMLAC student, so you want to try to find their meeting date to sabotage his promposal. The flag format should be wxmctf{[zipcode of location]_[the song she covered in lowercase]_[what she's wearing (2 words) separated by a underscore]_[6 character hex]}.

his email: walter [dot] goose [dot] wxm [at] gmail [dot] com

Hint: You want your sabotage to be a secret so you don't want to let the students know you are trying to stalk them for information (everything should be passive OSINT).


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