LyonCTF Update

blackbox, Bit posted 2 years, 4 months ago

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We have two updates before the LyonCTF contest starts on Friday.

The first is that all competitors must have their full name, school, and school teacher contact set on their account for verification. School and teacher contact can be set in the edit profile page if not set already. If there are any issues with the name attached to your account, email us at using the email address attached to your account. Make sure this information is set correctly on your account by Wednesday, February 16th at 11:59PM EST to be eligible for prizes!

The second update is that the prize pool sponsored by the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario have been increased to up to $300 to be split as follows:

  • First Place Team: $25 Amazon gift card per team member
  • Second Place Team: $20 Amazon gift card per team member
  • Third Place Team: $15 Amazon gift card per team member

Lastly, this is a reminder that all teams must be comprised of competitors from the same school and all competitors must be Ontario middle or high school students to be eligible for prizes.


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