WxMCTF - Writeup Contest + Updates

TheGecko posted 1 year, 3 months ago

Thank you for an amazing two weeks of WxMCTF! 🎉 We're super glad that people were able to have fun and improve their skills/knowledge. Just a few updates to wrap things up:

1. Scores: Scoring will be updated within the next 24 hours to reflect dynamic scoring (we're working on this) and once that is done, we'll upload the scoreboard to CTFtime and start sending messages/emails for prizes.

2. Writeup competition: We're offering 3 prizes of 1 month of Discord Nitro for best overall, funniest, and best unintended solution. To compete for Nitro, fill out this form by March 21, 2023 12:00 AM EST (in 6 days) https://forms.gle/iG1PGUdJXgSQNiw28
(Writeups are showoffs of your solving process/solution. You can find examples by googling "ctf writeup")

If you have any questions, email wxmctf@gmail.com or ask on our community Discord.

Best of luck everyone, and great job!


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